Get Innovative with your Tea!

Get Innovative with your Tea!

If you’ve been looking for some interesting ways to spice up your tea read on! By adding citrus or herbs, or even flowers, you can break out of the same-old-tea-rut and infuse your mug with something adventurous!

Black Tea:
Add Citrus! Adding citrus slices like orange or lemon adds a refreshing twist on a hot day. Cut up a few lemon and orange slices, add to your pot and steep 3-5 minutes.

Works With: Try it with our “champagne of Teas” Organic Darjeeling. Consider it the tea version of a mimosa!
Be Bold: If you want to be daring add citrus slices to a pot of Earl Grey! 

Green Tea:
Add Herbs! Lemongrass and basil are an interesting and zesty combination to add to a pot of green tea. These herbs step up Green Tea’s high antioxidant profile, as they are both high in antioxidants. Basil is also thought to be a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory while lemongrass is also known to be antibacterial, it also works well to relax an upset stomach and tight muscles. Toss a couple leaves of fresh basil and a stick of lemongrass to a pot and let it steep for 4-5 minutes. These herbs will add compliment the earthiness of a quality green tea.

Works Best With: Organic Green Sencha

White Tea:
Add Flowers! Rose blossoms are a fragrant and soothing addition to the delicacy of white tea. Include dried rose petals in your steeper and let steep for 2-3minutes.

A Relaxation Bonus: Consider adding Lavender, which has been shown to aid in relaxation and quality of sleep. Add in place of the Rose petals, or along with them for a unique blend!
Best Compliments: A&E’s Organic White Peony

Herbal Tea:
Gingerbread spice! Add cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg to a steeping pot of Rooibos tea. Add a touch of honey to your cup for all the bliss of gingerbread cookies.
Alternately, if you’re looking for a pre-blended spice tea, try our Golden Spice tea, which blends orange peel for an extra citrus explosion!

Want to try these innovative infusions on the go? Consider creating your own blends in our Travel Mug Tea Infuser.

Do you create unique blends not mentioned here? We’d love to hear what you’re infusing! Tweet @AEroasteryCafe and let us know what’s in your mug!

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