We make coffee. Our Way.

Some things to keep in mind before you start brewing:

  • Brew Guides are just a starting point, but they’re far from the finish line. Put your own twist on our suggestions… and then let us know how you make YOUR Rare Breed!
  • Always start with a clean workspace and equipment.
  • Fresh, filtered water is best.
  • Grind your coffee fresh before each brew for optimum flavor. We recommend using pre-ground coffee within 14 days after opening.
  • Fancy equipment like scales and temperature variable kettles aren’t necessary, but they will improve your accuracy and help you make your cup consistent.

    We roast with purpose and precision. Nothing - not even a text from Mom - gets in the way of flavor or aroma. Drink it black. Foam it. Froth it. Smother it in chocolate and whisper you love it. Whatever it takes to make it yours, we aren’t gatekeepers and we won’t judge.

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Coffee for people who give a sh*t about coffee.