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Coffee and tea, how hard can it be? It seems easy at the outset, but the devil is in the details. No need to fail before you fly. Let us help you meet your goals and avoid crashing along the way. Our decades of experience means we have done a few stupid things, but significantly more awesome things. Cafe Consulting is an a la carte program where you pick exactly what you need from equipment, layout, service model and flow, to menu building and more. Cafe Coaching is a six week program that combines our Cafe Consulting services with a deep dive into how to be successful operating a coffee business.

If you're a maverick and want to do something different than everyone else or you want to revamp a tired business, we’re your people. 



It’s a rough day when your equipment is glitchy or leaky. Coffee and espresso equipment is critical to your business success, reputation, and profitability. Routine maintenance is an insurance plan to keep it running efficiently and reduce disastrous down times. We service espresso machines, drip coffee machines and grinders. In addition, we also provide equipment installation services.



It’s a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when your coffee equipment is down. Equipment service is provided when your equipment is not working properly. If you have properly maintained your equipment, urgent service calls are kept to a minimum. We hope this never happens, but let's be real: it does. We help identify the problem and help you create solutions to keep your business running. We offer service Monday through Friday normal business hours.



If your staff isn’t crushing the espresso drinks, then why even serve them? You’ve invested a lot in your brand and your equipment. But it will be worthless if you don't invest in your staff. Give them the tools and confidence to rock it and be excited to come to work. We have three levels of training based on experience: Intro, Advanced and Advanced Latte Art.

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