White Lavender Lemonade

White Lavender Lemonade

We first created White Lavender Lemonade in the summer of 2009. It was originally called White Peony Lemonade with Lavender…quite a mouthful! When we first started, we used lemonade concentrate, which is a little embarrassing to admit. After it caught on and became a summer favorite, we switched to squeezing fresh lemons and using raw sugar. So, we went from one extreme to another. We finally settled on a compromise of using Natalie’s Lemon Juice and cane sugar.

This year, we introduced a new spin. Butterfly Peaflower is such a unique flower. It makes a beautiful blue tea color. But, when you add acid, like lemon juice, it turns to a lovely pink-purple color, AKA lavender! What a great match, a Lavender tea that is naturally lavender in color!

The recipe is really easy to make. We hope you enjoy it and “wow” your friends and family with this delicious iced tea.

White Lavender Lemonade

recipe by A&E Coffee & Tea

  • Put 1oz Lavender Elixir tea into tea filter
  • Steep with 1 gallon 180° hot water 
  • Steep for 2-4 Minutes (Don’t go over 4 minutes)
  • Add 1 ¼ cup white sugar and stir to dissolve
  • Add 1 ¼ cup Lemon Juice and stir
  • Make sure you stir the pitcher before serving!

white lavender butterfly flower

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