Episode 2: Don't know Sh*t About Espresso

don't know sh*t about espresso? how to use a machine properly
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Episode 2 Don’t know Sh*t about Espresso? In this episode, you'll learn how to use recommended funky gadgets with your professional grade espresso machine like:

  • Distribution Tool - to level your grounds.
  • Tamp - to fully impress your espresso grounds
  • Tamp Mat - protects your portafilter and counter top
  • Scale - Precision measure your espresso ground for a perfect shot pull
  • Grouphead Brush - Cleans and maintains the inside of the grouphead
  • 2 Inch Paintbrush - Standard issued from your local hardware store!
  • Shot Glass - Graduated shot glasses are recommended
  • Towels - Microfiber towels are best to absorb excess milk, steam and water
  • Milk Thermometer - For silky smooth micro foam every time
  • Steaming Pitchers - A variety of sizes are available to fit your machine
  • Knock Box - Get one with a bar across the top!

Of course, in order to make killer espresso, you need to have killer espresso beans. If you're just starting out, try our Smash Pop espresso blend

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