Episode 3: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso

Episode 3: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso
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Episode 3: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso? In this episode, learn the step by step process of making a perfect espresso shot every time with your professional grade espresso machine as follows:

  • Purging - Purge your portafilter to keep grouphead clean. Use a microfiber towel to clean out residue before re-using.
  • Dispensing Grounds - Rotate for more consistent distribution, tap on level surface to knock out air pockets.
  • Level Grounds - Use the distribution tool, then tamp.
  • Brushing - Brushoff the portafilter with your hands to keep it clean.
  • Start Grouphead - Monitor and observe output flow rate, color and consistency of your brew.
  • Serve Immediately!
  • Reset - Knock out grounds and purge grouphead so you are ready for the next shot.

Now you know your Sh*t! Of course, you need the perfect espresso blend. For a light and zesty espresso, try our Neon Venom espresso blend.

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