Episode 4: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso

Episode 4: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso
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Episode 4: Don't Know Sh*t About Espresso? Learn the step by step process of how to steam milk for a latte with your espresso machine as follows:

  • Dose Milk - Use the in the right-sized pitcher for your drink. Used chilled and clean pitchers.
  • Purging - Purge your steam wand with a dedicated towel.
  • Steam Wand Technique for Milk - Before opening the steam wand, make sure the tip of the wand is submerged in the milk. 
  • Steam Wand Tips for Espresso - Place the wand tip just off the center of the pitcher so it doesn't touch the sides or bottom.
  • Open the Steam - Engage the steam and slightly adjust the pitcher to get the milk moving in a circular motion.
  • Use a Thermometer - When the milk reaches 100℉, slightly raise the pitcher to reduce the amount of air being pulled into the milk. Turn off the steam wand when the milk reaches 130-140℉.
  • Purging - Using the same dedicated towel, purge the steam wand again and wipe down any milk on the wand.
  • Tap or Swirl - To get rid of any extra bubbles, tap on the counter or swirl.
  • Pour - Now try your hand at pouring a beautiful heart, rosetta or tulip.

Now you know your Sh*t! Of course, you need the perfect espresso blend. For a light and zesty espresso, try our Neon Venom. For a more robust espresso, try our Smash Pop.

In this video, we'll answer your milk-steaming questions:

- how to steam milk for latte art

- milk steaming for beginners

- alternative milk steaming for coffee drinks

- microfoam milk for espresso

- espresso milk steaming technique

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