Cafe Make-Over

Cafe Make-Over

Our Amherst cafe is getting a make-over in the near future. We have morphed our space many times over the years and we are about to update again. This time, we are focusing mainly on the sitting area, which we lovingly call the Sun Porch.

Quality Customer Service in our Cafe

We are updating our approach to service for our in-house guests. This means providing more table space at which to work  and eat. It also entails meeting our guests’ needs where they are seated. Quality customer service means serving customers without them being interrupted; it is taking measures to make their time in our cafe enjoyable, easy, and comfortable.  Hopefully, we will leave customers feeling a little pampered.

Personal Approach

We care about our customers on a personal level. Our current model of corralling customers in a queue to order does not allow us space or time to meet all of our customers’ needs. Separating out our in-house guests from the cash register queue allows us to engage on a more personal level with both our cafe and retail customers. “How?” you may ask. We offer table service in the Sun Porch during set hours of the day. In other words, we elevate our customer service by taking the time to meet our customers where they are. This will also free up the cash register area for to-go customers.

Cafe Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Kaylee has done an amazing job this past year making our delicious food items. Putting them in plastic to-go containers in the cooler does not do them justice. By offering table service, we can deliver breakfast, lunch and snack offerings to our customers more smoothly. Highlighting the menu and local ingredients that go into our food offerings will shine a long-overdue light on our amazing chef. Table service will let us do that much more effectively than a label on a plastic box.

Stay a While

It is unusual for a cafe of our nature to offer table service, so we are hoping to provide a unique quality experience for our customers. This does not mean we want you to leave when your drink or meal is finished. The Sun Porch will be a great place to meet up with friends to talk or work on your computer. We want you to stay for as long as you want. While you are working, relaxing or catching up, we want to make your stay is as easy and enjoyable as possible. It all goes back to pampering.


We are working on the physical transition of the space now. We may close for a day to paint and freshen up the room. We are still ironing out the details of how the table service will work and when it will be available during the day. Kaylee is working on a few more menu items and plating. Needless to say, there are a few moving parts as we are an existing, operating establishment. However, we are hoping to make it as seamless as possible. Our sole goal is to serve our customers better, so if there are a few disruptions along the way, please bear with us.  If you have ideas or requests, let us know!

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