Comfort & Joy

Comfort & Joy

What does the holiday season mean to you? To some of us, it’s about spending time with loved ones. For others, connecting to their spirituality and the rituals associated with it gives the holidays meaning. It might be a time you relish, or the additional pressure might be getting to your head.

With our Comfort & Joy coffee, we think deeply about how to communicate a message that will resonate with as many people as possible at this special time of year. What is it REALLY about? What can we say about the holidays that hasn’t been said?

At its core, something truly magical does happen as we start counting down to the new year. We reflect, we give back, we try our best. We think of others before we think of ourselves. We gather. As the world outside gets darker and colder, a light in our hearts grows. The hustle and bustle reminds us that we’re all apart of something greater.

This years label has a few elements that build on each other to tell a story. The starry night hearkens to the ancient beginnings of our winter rituals, our first primal reminder as a species that we are not alone in this universe. Bare, ice-silvered branches hang with paper star-shaped ornaments in bright colors, sparkling just like the stars twinkling in the background.

This season has gotten a bad rap for materialism and over-advertisement. But, when you peel back that commercialized dressing, the simple truth of winter holidays remains: we are just tiny organisms on a rock in space, and trying to make sense of that by making something. When the world gets cold and dark and feels lonely, we do our best to remind each other that we are in this together.

As the world returns to “normal”, let’s not forsake the lessons we have learned during the past few years. The gap between what we “want” and what we need to survive gets wider all the time. But don’t be mistaken—we do need each other. And we need these simple rituals. Let’s not overcomplicate them: let’s enjoy them.

Of course, we think everything is more enjoyable with a cup of coffee. This year, Comfort and Joy is a full-city roast of our Tanzania Peaberry. We strive to create a coffee that will pair nicely with other seasonal Winter flavors: warming spices, dried fruits, and chocolate. We hope that as you sip this coffee, you will find yourself grounded in the Holiday Spirit and filled with warmth and gratitude.

Happy Holidays!


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