Enjoy the Unique Taste of El Salvador Coffee

Enjoy the Unique Taste of El Salvador Coffee

If you haven’t tried coffee from El Salvador yet, then you are missing out on a unique flavor. Not only is it known for its bright and crisp acidity, but it is also made with love and care by the third-generation Lima Family. Let’s learn more about their wonderful coffee and why it should be enjoyed by all coffee connoisseurs!

The Farms of El Salvador Coffee
The two farms owned by the Lima family are located near Santa Ana in El Salvador. They are operated as one farm, even though they have different names – Finca Hungria and Finca Rumania. Mr. Lima had an affinity to Europe, which is why he named the farms after countries that he had visited when he founded them back in the 1930s. The cherry from Finca Hungria is taken to Balcanes Mill, just 2 km away from Finca Rumania, where it goes through a patio drying process for 18 days before export. Both farms are members of the Cuzcachapa Cooperative which specializes in exporting high quality coffee beans worldwide.

Taste of El Salvador Coffee
El Salvador’s coffee stands out due to its unique taste profile. It has a bright acidity that is perfectly balanced out by its sweet and syrupy taste. It also has a hint of fruitiness which makes it stand out amongst other coffees available in the market. Moreover, this coffee has a modern roast approach applied to it which enhances its flavor and makes it ideal for all those who enjoy complex tastes in their cup of joe!

Special Distinction of El Salvador Coffee from the Lima Family
The Lima family’s coffee from El Salvador carries a special distinction – its certification with the Rainforest Alliance and is Bird Friendly. This highly sought-after designation indicates that their beans have been sourced ethically, sustainably, and with respect for the environment. Rainforest Alliance certification also means that the workers at the farm have enjoyed improved working conditions and have received better wages; in addition, it also implies that wildlife habitats have been given adequate protection by not encroaching on land outside of farm boundaries.

If you’re looking for something unique to try out – something that combines both tradition and innovation – then look no further than El Salvador’s delicious coffee beans! This third-generation family business takes great pride in producing high quality beans that have an amazing taste profile – one with bright acidity balanced with sweetness and hints of fruitiness – making it perfect for any occasion or any level of expertise when it comes to making your own cup at home! So if you want something truly special, then don’t hesitate to give El Salvador’s coffee beans a try today! They won’t disappoint!

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