Four Reasons Why Fresh Coffee From a Local Roaster is Superior

Four Reasons Why Fresh Coffee From a Local Roaster is Superior

Here’s why coffee that comes fresh from our roaster tastes better than what’s found at big name health food stores.

It’s no secret that more people than ever are missing out on fresh food in their diet. Truly fresh coffee is a rare delicacy that most people have never experienced. Most coffee found at common health food stores was roasted months ago. With a local coffee roaster around, there’s no reason to miss out anymore. 

Whether you want to support local business, chase the best possible cup of coffee, or experience a truly fresh brew for the first time, here are four reasons why our freshly roasted coffee is a superior choice to common store brands. 


Taste, Smell, and Quality Preservation

It’s simple to grasp that a more-recent roast would have a different flavor profile than a stale batch of coffee beans, but have you ever wondered why? Due to high temperatures achieved in the roasting process, the beans evaporate excess water. Wonderfully-scented compounds are created as the bean roasts. Most coffee beans have a water content of around 12%, but this drops almost four-fold when the beans are roasted. With all this water loss, the beans lose mass, become more porous, and release aromatic molecules much more easily. After coffee sits on a shelf for weeks on end, these aromas are largely absent. 


Shortening the Supply Chain

Buying from a local coffee roaster reduces the amount of steps it takes from coffee to go from a farm to your cup. Each bean’s carbon footprint is reduced compared to lengthy supply chains of commodity coffee. We buy direct from our farmers, and the beans go right into one of our two Diedrich coffee roasters. Seeking out a wholesome flavor profile doesn’t just help your palate and happiness: It helps reduce all of our impact on the environment. 


Supporting a Local New Hampshire Coffee Roaster

We are honored to be the first USDA Certified Organic Coffee Roastery in New Hampshire. Opting for a richer cup of coffee doesn’t just benefit your belly, tongue and nose. As more folks realize the importance of the unique flavors generated in our coffee roaster, we are able to grow. This leads to supporting more coffee farming families around the world while locally providing the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted. 


Voting with Your Dollar 

It’s hard to make a difference in national or global food policy to improve the freshness of available foods, but one way to make a change is by voting with your dollar. If many people seek out and buy coffee with a complex flavor profile and social mission, the market for coffee like ours grows. Every time you opt to get your coffee at A&E, you are shrinking the market size of coffee giants, who squeeze the farmers on price, greenwash social initiatives, and frankly, sell subpar coffee.

It’s not always easy to just get a fresh cup of coffee anywhere, but with the reasons above, it’s certainly clear to seek out freshness directly from a coffee roaster. If you’re looking for access to extremely fresh, organic, and sustainably sourced coffee, A&E has you covered. Whether you want to stop by one of our locations or get beans delivered to your door, freshly roasted coffee awaits.

by Max Resnick
Max Resnick is a freelance blogger, copywriter, article writer and editor, who brings over four years’ professional experience into his writing. He primarily focuses on the health, tech, and food e-commerce and academic spaces, but can handle any subject thrown his way. He brings a background of science, agriculture, sustainability, and systems thinking to his writing. You can find him on LinkedIn!

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