Golden Cup Technician

GC Technician Testing

A Golden Cup Technician is a trained coffee specialist who can issue the Golden Cup Award to establishments meeting the brewing standards. Now, that is a mouthful, so let’s break it down a little.

Golden Cup Technician

Emeran is the first certified Golden Cup Technician in New Hampshire. This certification demonstrates an expert understanding of the SCAA Brewing Standards and the five points of quality for brewed coffee. SCAA Certified Golden Cup Technician are authorized to conduct on-site inspections as part of the Golden Cup Award program.

SCAA Brewing Standard

GC Technician Coffee Brew Control Chart

Coffee Brew Control Chart

The Specialty Coffee Association of America has set brewing standards that equate to a quality brewed cup of coffee. This does not include using quality coffee, but that is understood. The brewing standard is based on the Coffee Ratio Brew Chart, established in the 1950’s by Dr. Earl Lockhart. That chart indicates that to reach optimum balance of brewed coffee, there is a specific ratio of ground coffee to water ground to a level that allows for optimum extraction of flavor. For the United States, that ratio for 64 ounces of water is between 3.25 and 4.25 ounces of ground coffee, with the percent concentration (strength) falling between 1.15 and 1.35%. (Are you beginning to see why there is a certified technician to monitor this.)

What does a Golden Cup Technician do?

GC Technician Testing

TDS with Refractometer

A technician helps accounts maintain the SCAA Brewing Standards or move their program into compliance. When a technician come into an establishment, they will take physical assessment of the (1) proper ratio of coffee to water, (2) proper grind, (3) proper equipment operation, (4) good water, and (5) clean equipment. If the equipment is clean, the water is properly filtered, and coffee meets the percent concentration, the technician will award the Golden Cup Certificate. However, the account must stay within compliance in order to keep the certificate.

Why is this important?

Roasters can source some amazing coffee, roast it to perfection, all to have accounts botch the brewing of it by not maintaining their equipment, grinding improperly or brewing too weak (or too strong). If accounts are investing in quality coffee, it makes economical sense to make sure it is brewed properly. At the end of the day, it is all about the taste of the coffee. That is where the quality coffee comes into play. Naturally, if you are purchasing A&E Coffee & Tea Coffee, you are guaranteed it is quality coffee!

Since Emeran is a certified technician, accounts who agree to participate will be awarded the Golden Cup. As A&E Coffee & Tea becomes more familiar with the mechanics of the program, accounts will be required to follow the standards. It means brewing a better cup of coffee for customers, and isn’t that why we brew coffee?

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