Kindred Heart Coffee & Tea Collection

Kindred Heart Coffee & Tea Collection

It’s the season of love and appreciation, which is why we took the time to curate some of our favorite coffees & teas for you to share with the people you love. We were blown away by the excitement for our Holiday Tea Sampler, so we’re remixing it for Valentine’s Day with a black, a green and an herbal tea. Our brand-new seasonal selection has something for everyone in your life!

Kindred Hearts Coffee

KINDRED HEARTS???? is a complex, rich coffee that will keep you guessing… it’s full of surprises, like a box of chocolates! With a limited quantity, it’s going fast!

Tasting Notes
Aroma: chocolate, caramel, vanilla
Taste: honey, caramel, milk chocolate, orange
Body: buttery
Finish: clean, smooth

Back Story
Norma Lara is a small producer in Ocotepeque, Honduras, close to the boarder of El Salvador. She has just under two acres of land, given to her by her father in 2010. She works in the cupping room at Cocafelol co-op, and is striving to produce better quality coffee every year. Norma really sees coffee as a legitimate career and means of livelihood for her and her kids. She and her daughter take classes at the co-op learning organic horticulture methods, processing methods, and cupping for quality. Her daughter opened up a small cafe in their community. We love supporting Norma and her strive to elevate her family through coffee.

We took a different roasting approach to this coffee. Our goal was to develop the coffee a little more, bringing out the milk chocolate notes while maintaining the buttery body and light orange notes.

Kindred Hearts Tea Collection

SOUL MATES????‍❤️‍????‍???? is a black and white tea blend with bergamot and vanilla…the best of all worlds.
SWEET GINGER???? is a green tea that’s sweet, warm, and a little spicy… like a new romance.
LOVE POTION???? is fruity & balanced with a brilliant purple color that comes from butterfly pea-flowers! 

“Come winter, I sure do love a good cup of warm tea as I wind down for the evening. I don’t drink much tea until mid November. When the days get shorter and colder, I forgo my cup of afternoon coffee and turn to a warm cup of tea. Part of my migration to tea is caffeine related. When it gets dark at 4:30pm, I don’t want to be up until 11pm. I would rather curl up in my bed piled with blankets and sleep! Tea is also just simply relaxing. I can always use a little extra calming effect.” -Emeran Langmaid

Limited Offer

Our Kindred Hearts Collection is only available through February. We are nearly out of Norma’s coffee and have limited supply of the tea. Our themed projects have been really fun, starting with the Holiday Comfort & Joy Collection. Our plan is to have themed coffees and teas throughout the year. Coffee and tea are lifestyle choices. We’re incorporating lifestyle themes, such as LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE for the Kindred Hearts Collection. Stay tuned for our next collection!

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