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Specialty Drinks
Strawberry Basil Craft SodaStrawberry Basil Craft Soda

As the summer slowly starts to wind down we wanted to introduce three brand new cold specialty drinks before there is a nip in the air. The drinks include our strawberry basil craft soda, blueberry espresso spritzer, and our long anticipated nitro infused cold brew coffee.





Blueberry Espresso SpritzerBlueberry Espresso Spritzer

The first two seltzer drinks have become hits with not only our customers but also our staff. The strawberry basil craft soda is made with homemade strawberry syrup as well as basil that is grown in our garden in front of the Amherst café. Its simple and sweet taste makes for a perfect refreshing drink on our last hot summer days. The other seltzer based drink is our homemade blueberry espresso spritzer which is a similar concept to the famous espresso cream soda. The drink is made with homemade blueberry syrup, our very berry herbal tea, lemon juice, seltzer, and espresso. Just like the espresso cream soda, once you try it you will be hooked.

Lastly, we want to focus your attention to our nitrogen infused cold brew, which after much anticipation is finally available at both our locations. This specialty drink is here to stay and has already become a new customer favorite.

Nitro cold brew is a very interesting way of drinking ice coffee. It all starts with cold brewing our nitro coffee blend overnight. After the coffee has steeped for the appropriate time,  it is put into kegs where it is chilled and infused with guinness gas. When poured, the coffee pulls like a stout beer and has a very rich taste that is balanced out by the creamy nitrogen infusion, making it very refreshing.

As some of you may know, nitro infused cold brew is a trend that has swept the west coast and has become one the most preferred ways of drinking cold brew coffee. It has slowly made its way to the east coast and can be difficult to find in this area. This is why we are so excited to unveil our nitro cold brew- our two cafes are a couple of places where you can get this method of cold brew in southern NH.

We hope that you come in and try our new specials while they last. Whether it’s a simple soda made from ingredients grown in our back yard or our take on a trend that is sweeping the coffee world, we hope to see you soon!

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