The Genesis of Flora & Fauna

The Genesis of Flora & Fauna

New Beginnings in New England

Springtime in New England is something magical. Slowly, green things start to poke through slush and ice, and freezing cold weeks are punctuated by golden, warm days arriving like an unexpected gift. Everyone becomes intoxicated by the sunshine and, just as the sunlight lasts longer each day, the possibilities the warm months promise stretch ahead like they’ll never end. Delight is palpable in the air all around us.

As everything around us comes to life, we rush towards the coffee pot every morning thrilled to start each day. Our Flora & Fauna is designed in the spirit of that feeling that every day is a possibility to take a fresh, new outlook.


The Genesis of Flora & Fauna

We were first inspired to curate a coffee for springtime in late 2019. At the time, we had just happened to try two of our coffees together– a washed Ethiopian and a natural Ethiopian– and got so jazzed off the combo of juicy-delicate-floral-fruity-creamy-silky-goodness that we HAD to share it with the world. 

In the years since, we keep our eyes peeled through the winter for coffees that evoke that same inspiring quality. When spring comes, we are ready with Flora & Fauna to compliment our favorite fresh flavors of Springtime. This year, we have combined that same washed Ethiopian from all those years ago with a delicious Tanzania in a pre-roast blend. The characteristics of each coffee frolic across the flavor wheel, dabbling in honey, ripening fruit and supported by notes of fresh earth and all things spring. Your taste buds will be revitalized after a long winter of stifling cold, heavy foods & overpowering richness.


Fresh-faced, Yet Classic

We chose a newborn fawn to be the face of this coffee because of their alacrity and sprightly nature. Within a few hours of being born, baby deers are ready to bound through the forests with their mothers and can beat the pace of all kinds of fully-grown animals. Although this coffee is delicate, it boasts a full gamut of flavor and holds its own as an espresso.

The Lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire, and might be one of the most beautiful flowers of all when it comes to color and aroma. Strolling the streets of our neighborhoods, it’s impossible to pass a bush of lilacs and resist the urge to bury your face in their sweet-smelling blossoms. Their perfume is inextricably linked to the beginning of New Hampshire’s warm seasons. We always seek floral qualities in this blend, and the lilac blossoms on this label are a nod to this defining characteristic. 


Drink in the SpringtimeWe hope you will savor each drop of this coffee the way we drink in every bit of springtime. Like springtime in New England, this special roast will be gone before you know it! Until then, you can enjoy it any way you like, including as an espresso or pour over at our Manchester cafe. Our favorite way to brew it up might just be a cone-shaped pour over, like the Chemex, but experiment until you find your perfect brew. Happy caffeinating!

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