The Studies Are In: Drink To Your Health

The Studies Are In: Drink To Your Health

Yesterday on Facebook we posted a link to a new study about the benefits of coffee, relating to prostate cancer – to be specific, the study demonstrated that four cups or more of coffee per day “may keep prostate cancer recurrence and progression away”. It’s just another in a long line of studies showcasing coffee’s many benefits. Here’s a quick revisit to some of the other articles that we have
highlighted in the past, for those who may be interested.

December of 2012, we posted “Reduce Your Oral Cancer Risk: Drink Coffee”. This study included information gathered since 1982, and determined that there was a benefit to drinking regular coffee – not decaf, not tea, but regular coffee. They were unable to determine if the coffee intake reduced the risk of contracting oral cancer, but did conclude that it reduced the risk of dying from it.

Another study, one that we featured in our blog in February of 2012, showed a link between coffee consumption and reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

In December of 2011 we shared more good news about the impact of coffee on yet another type of cancer: Skin cancer, specifically basal cell carcinoma.  Coffee drinkers who consumed more than 3 cups per day experienced a significantly lowered risk of developing this most common form of skin cancer.

Coffee may also have mental health benefits, as discussed in this piece that we posted in October of 2011. In this study, women who drank at least two cups of coffee per day, were less depressed than those who drank less.

Enjoy your holiday weekend…and stay tuned for more about our wholesale partners, our September featured coffees, and our upcoming events.

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