This Coffee Brand Can Determine Which Blend is Best Based on Your Vibe

rare breed introduces the coffee vibe filter

World’s First Coffee Vibe Filter

Pick your next coffee like you pick your bottle of wine or can of beer? What mood are you in? What label catches your eye? Light, medium and dark are one way to determine your coffee preference, but why not choose your coffee based on how you’re feeling? Rare Breed Coffee has come up with a coffee vibe filter. Are you feeling audacious, fierce, indulgent or mellow? Audacious coffees are ones that push the envelope a little bit. They may take you out of your comfort zone, but honestly, we sometimes need to get out of our rut and try something new. Fierce coffees stoke the rebel at heart. They are unapologetic in their flavor profile and certainly high test. The indulgent vibe is rich, lush, and delicious. When you need to treat yourself, these coffees are for you. Mellow coffees are easy going. We all have days that need to be eased into, and starting it with one of these mellow coffees will do just that. We categorized the coffees based on flavor profile, but more importantly, what coffees we would like to drink when we are in these moods. Or maybe it's when we’re ambivalent and need inspiration. When I am a tad bit overwhelmed, I may choose a mellow, easy-going coffee. When I am blah, I may want to channel an audacious coffee. It’s like attaching spark plugs to my mood. No matter how you approach your coffee selections, once in a while, try something out of your norm and who knows, you may stumble upon your next favorite.

coffee categories by vibe, not roast level

Roast Level is for Dinosaurs 

The traditional way of classifying coffee by roast level is missing so much of why we drink coffee, and honestly, how coffee tastes. Coffee from the same region can taste totally different based on tree stock, processing method, quality control measures and yes, roasting profile. To move beyond the basic light, medium and dark coffee classifications, we thought it would be fun to think about coffee in terms of vibe. If vibe is a term often used to describe the atmosphere, mood, or energy of a place, event, or situation, then coffee certainly has a vibe. The hardest part of classifying coffees based on vibe were the vibes to pick. After much research, AKA sitting around a dinner table with a bottle of wine, we landed on audacious, fierce, indulgent and mellow. 

Audacious: extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless

Fierce: having or expressing bold confidence or style, furiously active or determined

Indulgent: done or enjoyed as a special treat or pleasure, rich tasting

Mellow: pleasantly smooth or soft, laid-back, easy going

Coffee is liquid energy. Each coffee we offer has a certain energy about it, more than just caffeine content. It reflects the it’s origin including the land and tree stock, its processing, our approach to roasting and blending and finally, the customers
brew method. All those combine into a coffee’s vibe. 

NO B.S. Labeling

Specialty coffee has a stigma of snobbery. We intentionally moved away from using complex terms. Instead, we have easy to understand descriptions, roast level scale and fun vibe categories. Our labels are one level of information. But our website dives deeper into the tasting notes, origin, process method. In other words, for those customers that want that level of detailed information, we offer it. We just don’t lead with it. Since everyone is on a coffee journey, to assume they are on the same level we are is rather presumptuous. Instead, we meet people where they are, which means if you are feeling audacious, then we have a coffee for you. 

coffee label with tasting notes, origin, process method

Sometimes we do want to try something new but just can't decide what to get. If the label and description doesn’t pull you in, then spin the bottle, so to speak, with vibe.

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