Rwanda Busanze Coffee

Rwanda Busanze Coffee
Coffee Origins

The Unique Origin

Rwanda Busanze Coffee is a rare and unique coffee that originates from the small country of Rwanda in Central Africa. Rwanda is known for its delicious coffee, and the country is home to some of the best coffee beans in the world. Rwanda’s coffee is grown in the mountainous regions of the country. The high altitudes, combined with the rich volcanic soil, create the perfect conditions for growing coffee. The coffee trees are shade-grown, which helps to protect them from harsh sunlight and preserve their delicate flavors. The coffee plants are also carefully tended, and only the ripest berries are hand-picked. The coffee beans are then washed and sun-dried before being roasted to perfection. As a result of this care and attention, Rwanda Busanze coffee has a rich, complex flavor that is unlike any other coffee in the world. It is also one of the most sustainable coffees, as all of the coffee cherries are used to make the coffee. This means that there is no waste, and all of the nutrients from the cherries are passed on to the coffee beans. In addition, Rwanda Busanze coffee is Fair Trade certified, ensuring that farmers receive a fair price for their crop. For all of these reasons, Rwanda Busanze coffee is truly unique.

Francois Tuyishime

The Rwanda Busanze coffee beans were brought to us by Francois Tuyishime. He founded the Boston-based coffee company Yego in 2018. Francois Tuyishime was born and raised in the western province of Rwanda. His home village is one of the many communities that were ravaged by the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. At six years old, Mr. Tuyishime survived the Genocide by hiding in the famous Mibizizi Parish in Rusizi.

Coffee business has been part of Tuyishime’s family for over four decades. As a boy, he grew up seeing his father in coffee farms working alongside the farmers providing a sustainable income for his family. He instilled this same drive into his son to not only use coffee for income, but also as a tool to build and support communities. Through this initiative started by his father’s ambition, a portion of Yego’s income goes to providing lunches and school fees in the villages where coffee farmers live.

Busanze Washing Station

The Busanze Station is a new coffee washing station started in 2018 by Impexcor Coffee and the local farmers of Nyaruguru district. The washing station is located at the edges of Nyungwe forest which allows the nearby coffee trees to grow in the shade of other trees. This gives beans to be rich in density and aroma. The story of the Busanze Station is not only about the quality, but also about the history and patriotism of Nyaruguru people. Usually, Nyaruguru district is known as the home of the most resilient people in the nation. After the genocide against the Tutsi, Nyaruguru became a beacon of unity and reconciliation. Currently, Busanze Station helps create farmer cooperatives for different villages. Busanze Station is 50% owned by the village’s farmers cooperative and the other half is owned by the processing company, Impexcor Coffee. This gives the farmer a voice to decide the future of the coffee they produce. This practice creates a sense of ownership that motivates farmers to improve the quality of the coffee. And it is for that reason that coffee from Busanze has recently won multiple awards including the Alliance Cup of Excellence in 2018.

Rwanda is a small country, but has a big reputation when it comes to coffee. The ideal growing conditions and careful hand-picking and sorting of the beans result in some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Rwanda coffee is often described as having a bright, fruity flavor with notes of citrus and chocolate. It’s also very well-balanced, making it a perfect coffee for any time of day. Whether you’re enjoying a cup at home or sipping on a Rwandan brew at your local coffee shop, you’re sure to appreciate the unique flavor of this special coffee.

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