Tanzania Peaberry coffee is here, for a limited time

Tanzania Peaberry coffee is here, for a limited time
Coffee Origins

Peaberries are a happy accident of nature. They form when a coffee bean fails to form in the customary way. Ordinarily, the coffee cherry contains two familiar halves, each of which is flat on one side. In the case of a peaberry, the second half never formed, so one bean is formed, an oval bean without the flat side.

A small amount of beans end up this way, and they aren’t quite like the other beans so they don’t roast the same way either. Because of this, they are sometimes separated out from the rest. Happily, this difference doesn’t diminish the quality of the coffee, it just means that the peaberry coffees have a character all their own.

Tanzania, in particular, is known for peaberry coffees and that is the West African country from which our peaberry coffee hails. Our Tanzania Peaberry is grown at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,900 feet. The variety is Bourbon, the species Arabica. It is harvested June-November and it is processed by washing. It’s citrusy aroma, tangy and slightly sweet citrus taste, medium body, and short, crisp finish all make it a refreshing cup indeed.

This coffee is a Hope Project coffee. Originating in Tanzania, the Hope Project ensures that the coffee grower is paid a fair wage, that the farmers and harvesters reap a reward for their work. They have also aided in making the production process more viable and profitable. In the past, proper processing of the beans was difficult, as water sources were not always available to those harvesting them. Hope Project set up 23 washing and drying stations, in a place where water is plentiful.

Our supply is limited – we only have about two month’s worth on hand. Don’t miss it.

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