Unveiling the Mystery: A Deep Dive into Our New Colombian Double Fermentation Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Colombia Specialty Coffee Double Fermentation
Coffee Origins

Coffee lovers, rejoice! We're brewing something truly special: a single-origin Colombian coffee with a unique double fermentation process and a captivating backstory. This isn't just your average cup of joe – it's a sensory experience waiting to be explored.

What makes this coffee so extraordinary? Let's break it down:

The Rare Chiroso Varietal

This isn't your everyday bean. Chiroso, a recent discovery in Colombia, is believed to be a mutation of the popular Caturra variety. While its exact origins are still debated, it's already turning heads in the specialty coffee world. Remember the name "Doña Carmen"? This Colombian farmer used Chiroso beans to win the prestigious Cup of Excellence award in 2014, solidifying its potential for exceptional quality.

    Ethiopian Roots, Colombian Soul

    Genetic studies reveal a surprising twist – Chiroso shares a connection with Ethiopian landrace varieties. Essentially, it developed naturally over time, likely through mutations of heirloom Ethiopian coffee plants! Despite this fascinating heritage, Chiroso found its home in the Urrao region of Colombia, where it's currently cultivated and celebrated for its unique flavor profile, often featuring the floral notes characteristic of Ethiopian specialty coffees.

      Sourced with Purpose: Partnering with Terra Coffee SAS

      Our coffee comes from a dedicated group with a big heart: Terra Coffee SAS. Established in 2016, they're passionate about empowering small Colombian coffee farmers by focusing on quality and ethical sourcing. Here's why we love working with them:

      • Quality First: Terra Coffee SAS prioritizes meticulous harvesting and processing, ensuring exceptional beans that directly benefit small-scale producers.
      • Direct Partnerships: They foster close relationships with producer associations, like Ecoterra (Nariño) and Terra Verde (Huila), providing personalized support to each family.
      • Impact Beyond the Farm: They recognize the collective effort behind every cup. Their focus on quality extends to improving the lives of everyone involved, including young children, older adults, and women who contribute significantly to the farms.
      • Empowering Through Microlots: Terra Coffee SAS champions microlots, placing small, exceptional batches directly in the specialty market. This not only increases income for growers but also fosters pride in their meticulous work.

        The Double Fermentation Magic

         Once picked, the coffee cherries undergo a unique two-stage processing method known as double fermentation (sometimes called double washed or extended fermentation). This process enhances the flavor profile and involves a specific protocol developed by twelve dedicated growers:
        • Stage 1: Coffee cherries ferment for 36-48 hours.
        • Stage 2: The skin and fruit are removed, and the beans are fermented again in dry, open-air tanks for another 30-50 hours.
        • Finally: The beans are washed and sun-dried.
          Colombia Specialty Coffee Flavor Notes

          A Symphony of Flavors

          The unique varietal and processing method culminate in a complex flavor experience. We discovered that a light roast best showcases the coffee's nuanced complexity.

          Brewing Recommendations:

          • Espresso: Expect notes of lemon curd, crème brulee, orange blossom, and a pleasant malic acidity reminiscent of apples.
          • AeroPress: Similar flavors, but with slightly less intensity.
          • Pour-Over: The floral notes truly come alive here, offering a more nuanced and delicate flavor profile.

          This is more than just a cup of coffee; it's a journey.

          From the rare Chiroso varietal to Terra Coffee SAS's dedication and the double fermentation process, every step contributes to this exceptional coffee experience. Ready to embark on this flavor adventure? Grab a bag and discover the magic for yourself!

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