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There’s nothing worse than waking up to discover you forgot to buy coffee when you went to the market. At times like these you might wonder why you don’t have fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door. We have good news: with a monthly coffee subscription your mornings will always be caffeinated. A coffee delivery subscription service is a real lifesaver!


A Breed Unto Itself


A coffee subscription from Rare Breed Coffee is for all you people who have no time for shenanigans and are sick and tired of stale, outdated supermarket coffee! Our caffeinated clan covets our cup to keep their heads in the game. But what is “good coffee?” Is it beans grown on unreachable cliffs in the middle of nowhere? Is it some shouty megacorp slapping “premium” on their labels and hoping you’ll believe it? We emphatically say no. Here at Rare Breed, we believe good coffee reminds you of who you are: fresh, bold, and insanely interesting. There’s no need to (barely) survive the day with an inferior decoction of sour brew or sludgy mud if you always have the freshest beans in arm’s reach. Rare Breed makes it possible to enjoy a consistent cup of joyful noise, day in and day out. Let us bring you the liquid sunshine you need to perk you up and get down to business, whatever yours may be. Can you imagine starting your day (or afternoon) without that steaming cup of liquid sunshine? Neither can we. That’s why Rare Breed exists.


A Divergent Coffee Subscription Service, For The Better!

If you’re on the prowl for high-quality, freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door, Rare Breed Coffee is your new bestie. Unlike other online coffee subscription services, Rare Breed offers a lifetime 20% discount on subscriptions, plus customers are always able to change things up whenever they want: these freshly-roasted coffees can be delivered more or less frequently and the type of coffee that our caffeinated friends receive can change as often as their socks. Rare Breed aficionados enjoy specialty coffees from around the world without ever leaving home. Rare Breed does all the heavy lifting to ensure you never have to forgo your morning coffee ritual and settle for a styrofoam cup of inferior convenience store joe.


Choose Your Weapon


At Rare Breed, we encourage our consumers to try out all the coffees. And we have so many to try: high altitude or low, Indonesian or Central American, African or South American, decaf or high-test, finely ground or coarse, dark roast, medium, or light and bright. Do you prefer a complex flavor profile, a single-source bean or a free-spirited blend? Whether you you’re sniffing out fruity, chocolatey, spicy, mellow, nutty, more or less acidity, we’ve got whatever you need to achieve your most aromatic cup no matter how you prepare it:

French press, pour-over, automatic drip, or percolator. With a stunning array of world-class coffees, you could find that every brew is your favorite, no matter how you prepare it.

With global partners growing brazenly superior coffee varietals using sustainable and ethical practices, we’re pushing boundaries with our innovative production methods and creating a positive impact on the environment. Rare Breed wouldn’t exist if not for our collaborative network of eco conscious growers from around the world.

Formerly known as A & E Coffee & Tea, we at Rare Breed lovingly roast our beans daily at our Nashua, NH roastery. When your beans are sourced from Rare Breed you can be sure you’re getting the freshest and most flavorful cup your money can buy. Unlike off-the-shelf beans that were roasted in the distant past, Rare Breed’s coffees have been roasted within the past few days. Freshly roasted beans ensure that you get all the flavor and aroma you crave and deserve. You’re welcome.

As a commodity, coffee beans move through a long and drawn-out supply chain and it usually hangs around for months, or longer before it reaches the coffee-lover’s cup. As a local roaster, Rare Breed’s freshly harvested green coffee beans come to us directly from the grower and are roasted today. The freshly roasted beans are quickly used in our cafe or sent out to direct consumers. We provide our popular blends and single-source brews to devotees at local cafes, fine dining establishments, and homes throughout New England and across the USA. This rapid turnover means everyone gets the very best cup no matter where they get it.


Fair Trade and Ecological Stewardship

Rare Breed’s coffees aren’t only satisfying and delicious, they come from a sustainable model of growing. Traditional production creates an astronomical carbon footprint with lengthy supply chains. Chemical fertilizers and non-renewable energy sources plague the industry. Human rights violations are an affliction within coffee-producing countries. We believe in safe working conditions and living wages for the people who bless us with the fruits of their labors.

We work with farmers who are committed to using fewer chemicals and and depend less on the destruction of natural resources and habitats. The coffee industry has historically wielded an extraordinary amount of power over workers resulting in human right abuses in countries around the world.

Rare Breed has partnered with coffee producers who have made a commitment to fair and equitable employment practices. In addition, the ecological impacts on coffee-growing regions range from the pollution of water and soil to complete destruction of natural habitats for people and animals. Rare Breed’s buyers ensure that our beans come from reputable growers that don’t engage in abusive treatment of their workers. Rare Breed’s worldwide partners have pledged to use sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact, coupled with ethical labor practices to ensure workers are treated with dignity. We’re committed to the responsible growers that fairly compensate their workers for their time and skills. In the business we call this model “fair trade coffee.” Your fair trade online coffee subscription from Rare Breed lets you caffeinate with a clear conscience.


The Gift Giving Struggle Is Real

It’s ok if you fall short in the gift-giving department; not everyone is adept at choosing gifts. Perhaps you’re like many busy people, with more ambition than free time. A gift subscription for fair trade coffee is always tasteful and well-received. Because, really, doesn’t everyone like getting stuff in the mail? A Rare Breed monthly coffee delivery subscription service will deliver a customized assortment of coffee, whole beans or ground, to your door or to anyone else’s door. Rare Breed is the best online one-stop shop providing only the best in freshly roasted beans. There’s no better brew than those from premium coffee varietals from around the world. We’re coffee-lovers, too and we just want to share the love.

Some of our most devoted aficionados purchase quantities of assorted coffees to give as gifts. Businesses like to offer our coffee for promotional purposes or employee perks. Guest houses and bed & breakfasts keep our beans in stock to wow their guests with coffee of the highest quality. Restaurants and cafes serve Rare Breed coffee to keep their discerning customers coming back for more. With a Rare Breed coffee of the month subscription service, you can pair your favorite brew (or new favorite) with your favorite breakfast, dessert or snack, anytime you want, wherever you want.


What’s Your Pleasure?

Here at Rare Breed we’ve got a cup for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Smash Pop Espresso: subtle citrus, dried fruit and chocolate
  • Cat Magic: syrupy sweet, dried berries, and port wine
  • Mild Riot; Balanced cup, hazelnut, and chocolate
  • Riproar: berry, honey and chocolate
  • Neon Venom: Floral, citrus, and cookie
  • Super Groove: Heavy body, dark chocolate and vanilla
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We’ll meet you at your mailbox, so get ready to caffeinate in style!