We make coffee. Our Way.

Just because we've changed our name to Rare Breed Coffee doesn't mean your beloved cup of joe has gone AWOL. In fact, it's the same top-notch brew you savored with A&E Coffee and Tea. To make things easier, we've crafted a coffee legend for you. This, my caffeinated friend, will guide you to match your old favorites with our new Rare Breed Coffee.



  • BonBon Espresso Blend  -  Smash Pop Espresso
  • Brazil. -  Brazil
  • Decaf. -  Mild Riot
  • Decaf Espresso  -  Head Trip Espresso
  • Eclipse. -  Punkstock
  • Equinox. -  Colombia
  • Gunstock  -  Super Groove
  • Horizon  -  Wild Muse
  • Kona. -  Kona
  • Meridian. -  Mind Wrap
  • Mokha Java. -  Cat Magic
  •  Nuovo Espresso. -  Neon Venom
  • Solstice. -  Yeah! Yeah!
  • NH Morning. -  Riproar
  • Coffee for people who give a sh*t about coffee.